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KbnMart history

by Fardin Ehsan on

KbnMart history

E-commerce has been operating between companies for more than 50 years, but it was not until recently that people could use the features of this type of sales, and change the way they bought things.

In 2018 in Nevada USA, KbnMart joined the e-commerce competition to demonstrate that customer service is vital, and their needs can be met by listening to them and giving them the best products with high quality. Its founder Fardin Ehsan promoted this e-commerce with the hope of bringing more people to the digital world, creating much more loyalty of people to any digital business, and creating a better image of e-commerce in the world.

Does KbnMart care about their customers?

Many e-commerce companies have not cared about customer service, solving conflicts, or customer problems with products that have been purchased on their web pages, generating a lot of distrust towards e-commerce and making the user experience terrible. However, Kbnmart decided to improve online shopping with systems dedicated to customer service, proposing the following mission and vision:

  • Mission: They are committed to improving the clients' lives by providing quality services, products, and solutions to earn their trust and build lifetime relationships.
  • Vision: They want to be the number one e-commerce in America, providing high-quality services and products every day at lower prices.

At KbnMart, they not only care about the safety of their customers when buying any item on the internet, but they also care about the comfort of their customers when they need to buy online. They have committed to their customers to bring home as many products as they can offer.

The digital company KMart has given importance to:

  • Time: time is a resource that cannot be recovered, and every second that a customer spends making a claim will not be recovered. At KbnMart, excellence is sought so that no client has to spend their time making claims, nor do they have to spend time resolving it.
  • Money: the money is essential to the entire population because it represents the effort a customer made to obtain it. That is why KbnMart offers products with the highest possible quality, not only to avoid expenses but also out of respect for the customers who have placed their trust in this e-commerce.
  • Satisfaction: When a customer is satisfied and without problems, they usually always return to their store of preferences, and at KbnMart, they know that they still have to achieve maximum customer satisfaction to maintain loyalty and not break business relationships.
  • Protection of the environment: E-commerce is much more eco-friendly than regular stores. At KbnMart, they are always looking for ways to contribute to the environment and reduce environmental pollution, starting from the shops.

What does KMart offer?

The best thing about buying online has always been how easy it is to get anything, but it is often not pleasant to have to buy from different pages because there is always the risk that it is a scam. However, at KbnMart, they thought of all the possible needs that any buyer might have, and they offer:

  • Any fashionable clothing
  • Watches from the best brands, with different prices
  • Exclusive beauty items
  • Health Articles
  • Phones and any standard electronic device
  • Home products to improve the functionality or aesthetics of a house
  • They offer kitchen items to enhance the cooking experience of a chef or person at home.
  • Appliances necessary for a house to be much more functional than the average
  • Toys for children, adolescents, and adults who enjoy these toys
  • Sports articles.
  • Also, they offer any entertainment item for the whole family at great prices.

Is their return or refund system excellent?

Its founder made sure that the bases of KbnMart are focused on customers, their satisfaction, comfort, and security when buying any product in this e-commerce. If a product does not meet the customer's requirements, its reimbursement system proceeds to solve this problem. In this case, your refund system is easy and consists of:

  1. The client claims by their emails or contact number
  2. The staff in charge of reimbursements proceeds to register the claims
  3. KbnMart proceeds to give the appropriate e-commerce return or refund instructions.
  4. In the next 15 days, the problem should have been solved. However, they always seek to resolve it much earlier for the customer's convenience and safety.

It is essential to clarify that every company has policies and conditions to return its products. Even though KbnMart focuses a lot on its customers' well-being, it has always stressed the importance of knowing the terms and conditions of the services.

KbnMart is a relatively new e-commerce company that has managed to gain the trust of its customers and grows every day so that everyone can have its products quickly and easily. However, currently, e-commerce, such as KbnMart, has been a fundamental piece so that everyone can stay out of the range of Covid-19 and know the virtues of making purchases online.

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